What To Expect From a Blow Dry Appointment in Gold Coast

What To Expect From a Blow Dry Appointment in Gold Coast

A professional blow dry is a great way to upgrade your look that doesn’t require any significant changes. Without altering your cut or colour, a blow dry can make your hair look healthy, shiny and voluminous for days. A blow dry is an easy way to get ready for a big event or just refresh your style. If you’re considering getting a salon blow dry in the Gold Coast area, here’s what you can look forward to.

Make an Appointment Before

You’ll have a better salon experience if you familiarise yourself with the basic rules of engagement. While many salons welcome walk-in clients, it’s better to make an appointment if possible. That way, you can select your stylist and ensure your hair styling Gold Coast doesn’t take too long. Depending on your hair length, a blow dry takes around an hour or less, but the salon will likely be more efficient if you have an appointment. Try to show up a bit early, and make sure you call ahead if you’re going to be late or need to cancel.

Determine What Look You Want

Blow drying typically makes hair shinier, more manageable and less frizzy. A professional stylist can use a hairdryer in different ways to create a variety of styles. If you know you want full-bodied waves or a sleek, straight style, be sure to tell your stylist ahead of time so that the right products and techniques are used for your blow dry Gold Coast. For a bit extra, you can add styling with a curling iron to your blow dried look to make beautifully polished curls.

Expect To Have Your Hair Washed

There’s no need to wash your hair the morning of your salon blow dry appointment because the salon will shampoo and condition your hair. Your stylist will help select the appropriate products, taking into account factors like the weather, your desired style and your natural hair texture. If you’re pleased with the results of your hair styling Gold Coast, you might want to purchase some of the hair care supplies your stylist recommends so you can maintain your new style.

Results Last for Several Days

Your blow dry Gold Coast can last for three to five days if you care for it correctly. The most important thing is not letting your hair get wet, so avoid swimming or washing your hair. There are products that keep your hair from getting oily or dirty so that you can delay shampooing your hair for a few days. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during and after your appointment. Your stylist should be able to offer personalised advice on how to maintain your style, given your hair texture.

A blow dry from a professional stylist can make your hair look its best, reducing frizz and adding body and shine. It’s a relatively quick way to update your style and it should look good for several days after with the right care. If you’re looking for a salon blow dry in Gold Coast, contact Mow Hair to set up an appointment today.

Brandon Hocothee