Mastering a blow dryer is not easy, so we compiled a list of tricks to help you style your hair using the brilliant tool this summer. For the best hair advice on the Gold Coast, visit Mow Hair Salon.


Achieving an effortless, stylish look can take time. But we don’t all have enough spare time on our hands to focus on perfecting intricate hairstyles. Between trying to our professional and personal lives, even the simplest tasks (like blow drying your hair) can prove themselves challenging.

Sometimes all you need to do is play nice with your hair dryer. This may be overwhelming, what with hair reacting the way it does to heat. But fret not, there are ways around the old fire-breathing hair dragon. Mow Hair salon gives the best blow dry experiences on the Gold Coast, so we put together some easy blow-drying tricks for you to use at home.

Section it off

Divide your hair into sections you can manage easily. This guides your process and puts you in control of the situation. It also helps you keep track of progress effectively. Think of it as eating cake – you take it one slice at a time.

Keep your tools on hand

Having your hair products nearby means you can focus on the task at hand in one space. Have a heat protector, moisturiser and wide-toothed comb handy to give the hair volume. You can also keep clips, pins and hair ties in a convenient box your styling after your hair is dry. Apply the products at intervals and use the brush to control texturisation, so your hair doesn’t frizz.

Turn down the heat

Yes, you read this right. Use a blow dryer with various temperature levels, so that you can control the amount of heat you’re applying. If your blow dry is running too hot, it will damage your hair. Excess heat sucks out any moisture, and your hair looks dry and dull, and becomes vulnerable to breakage and split ends.

Diffuse the blow dry blues

A diffuser nozzle prevents the heat from being concentrated in one area of your head – it diffuses the heat evenly. Gently scrunch your hair while you use it to achieve natural waves. This blow dry method is easy on your hair and allows for quick styling.

If the idea of blow drying your own hair is daunting, Mow Hair has the best styling professionals on the Gold Coast ready to give you the perfect, lasting blow dry. Call us on (07)-55-38-4420 or book an appointment onlinetoday.

Brandon Hocothee