Mow Hair was first established in 2010 on the Gold Coast, Australia. Shortly thereafter we relocated to the shopping and dining hub of Capri in 2013. Since then we have dedicated ourselves to working hard and becoming one of the best salon names on the Gold Coast. Mow Hair is not just about making you look good, but we also want you to feel good!

Going to a hair salon these days is nothing like it used it to be, over the years there has been much innovation in the hair styling field. With so much new technology, hair styles and variations of hair color, a visit to the salon can be likened to an episode of “extreme makeover.” Getting your hair done is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also good for your emotional well being because when one looks good, one feels good! There are also a few benefits to getting your done regularly. Let’s review what those benefits are;

Benefits Of Visiting A Hair Salon Regularly

  • Get great advice on quality hair products. Going to a professional hair stylists regularly keeps you updated with the latest products to keep your hair healthy.
  • Quality service. It feels good to receive great service these days. We really make that a big focus at Mow Hair. We are great at building relationships and trust with our salon guests.
  • Expertise. Going to a hair salon regardless of the reason, whether you are going for a color or a cut you can rest assured that each service is rendered by a professional.
  • Relieves stress. Breaking off from your normal routine to go visit a hair salon gives you a much needed break from work or home routines thus lowering stress levels.
  • Appearance boost. Other than the benefits mentioned here, a visit to your hair salon boosts your appearance for a more attractive look.

Here at Mow Hair we pride ourselves on our level of expertise that we apply when it comes to creating beautiful hair styles. Our Isle Of Capri salon on the Gold Coast is home to a team of professional hair stylist and colorists. For our first time salon visitors we are offering a discount of $25 off your first hair service we also have great hair service specials for our clients to take advantage of. Call us or visit us online!

Brandon Hocothee