What’ the Difference Between Ombré, Sombré And Balayage?

What’ the Difference Between Ombré, Sombré And Balayage?

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For many women living on the Gold Coast, Balayage Hair is the look they’re asking their hairdresser for these days. While this might suit you and be exactly what you’re after, it’s important to know that the equally popular Ombré and Sombré looks may be more up your street.

Make sure you know the difference between the three before you make your final decision so that you’ll be completely happy with your hair colour.


Of the three options, the Ombré is the most dramatic. It usually involves dark roots that gradually fade out into a light blonde, regardless of your original hair colour. This is not a messy look and requires a uniform colour application first, so you might need to lighten or darken all or part of your hair to achieve the desired effect. The Ombré requires several hours in a salon, and we don’t recommend that you try to do it yourself.

To maintain the style, you’ll need to keep up your appointments or speak to your colourist about transitioning into a different style.


If you like the colour gradient of Ombré but want something a little more subtle, the Sombré is for you. Think the same effect as Ombré, but with a more seamless transition between shades and a less uniform application of colour from root to tip. This look is less dramatic but creates the impression of great texture and movement because natural colours are often used to soften the colour transition from light to dark or vice versa.

While Ombré hair can be quite outré and involve pastel pinks and neons, Sombré rarely strays far from your natural colouring and what suits you.


The most natural look you can go for involves Balayage, but that doesn’t mean creating it is a simple or straightforward process. It’s the look of choice for women who want to return to the hair colour of their childhood with a rich, natural shade that seems painted on by the sun itself. To create a seamless blend of buttery shades all over your head, experienced colourists will sweep colour into the hair, saturating it more and less where appropriate so that it blends in completely.

Each of these three looks gives you the chance to rock a different style. Mow Hair offers residents of the Gold Coast Balayage Hair colouring,as well as Ombré and Sombré, so let’s get started! Make an appointment today!


Brandon Hocothee