Breakage, split ends and hair loss: why do they happen and how can they be prevented?

Breakage, split ends and hair loss: why do they happen and how can they be prevented?

We will all suffer from breakage, split ends and hair loss at one point or
another in our lives. Here’s how you can help prevent these problems and treat them when they
occur. Like all hair solutions, success begins with a visit to Mow Hair Salon.

Suffering from hair breakage, split ends and hair loss is embarrassing and can make you feel
alone and miserable. With celebrities like Emilia Clarke admitting that she got a bob haircut to get rid
of split ends and Jada Pinkett Smith revealing that she wears turbans to disguise hair loss, it’s
apparent that these problems can strike anyone at any time.

Here’s what you can do to deal with these common concerns and prevent them from occurring again.


Breakage can be caused by tying your hair up too tightly in the same style for a long time, environmental impact, not using the right products when colouring,  not using conditioners or overusing styling and heating tools without the proper products in the hair.
If you’re noticing that your hair is breaking more easily (as opposed to shedding at the root) start using soft, gentle hair ties and switching up hairstyles every day. When styling your hair, never let your tools’ temperature exceed 210°C.
Investing in a quality shampoos and conditioners will help reduce breakage by making your hair less porous and more elastic. When colouring your hair, have a strengthening treatment beforehand and use thecorrect aftercare products.


Reducing the number of split ends in your hair is simple. While trimming it every three months or so
is effective, so is ensuring that your hair is adequately moisturised, and protecting it with a heat treatment product when using hot styling tools.
Finally, avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet and, if your hair frequently snags on your brush,
switch to a specialised detangling one and comb from the bottom, working your way upwards. We highly recommend uinvesting in a Tangle Teezer (see below) and using it in your hair when wet.  Your hair will love you for it.They are amazing. Mow Hair has these in stock in a range of colours and shapes and sizes.


Shedding up to 100 hairs a day is perfectly normal. If you’ve been losing much more than this for
over three months, it could be cause for concern. Unfortunately, if family members have
experienced something similar at your age, the condition might be hereditary.
However, if you’ve recently been through a stressful period, changed your diet or experienced
hormonal changes (such falling pregnant or started birth control/thyroid medication) there’s a good
chance the problem is temporary.
None of above conditions are permanent or irreversible. There is always a solution to help your hair
look and behave better, and you can start making a difference now by booking an appointment at our salon today.

Brandon Hocothee