Ashlee on “The Balayage Trend”

Ashlee on “The Balayage Trend”


Hi, Ashlee here,

Thought i’d share my thoughts on the Balayage trend, it’s been around for years now and some thought it would be in and out like many other hair trends. But the low maintenance, high fashion colour has stuck around and will be here for years to come. Yes there are many variations on balayage and many different terms, ombre and hair contouring being the latest phrase on the street. But all in all it is done with a basis that it is a colour achieved by hand painting rather than your traditional foiling technique.

The appeal is just that it is low maintenance, time is everything to people now and people don’t want to be in every 4-6 weeks for a touch up. Even though it is a low maintenance colour every colour is always going to look better on healthy hair, so salon quality shampoos and conditioners and your weekly treatments is a must when lightening the hair.
The balayage girl can now pop in for a quick visit to the salon in between their drawn out balayage appointments for a
Face framing colour technique that are starting to catch on. Hairdressers are able to pop facial features and brighten up the overall colour with a few clever positioned foils or freehanded lightener around the face. Add a colour refresher to the ends and that gets you through to your next visit with ease.

To achieve the absolute best result for this style I’d say you have to also have the haircut to match it to get that celebrity look. The look is best achieved with a layered haircut and although you can do this colour at any length, for best results it is advised to be done on hair below the shoulder. Too finish off the entire look a big bouncy blow dry or a soft tousled curl shows off balayage by being able to see the colour variation your stylist has achieved for you!!


Brandon Hocothee