Tips for Blowdrying Your Own Hair

Tips for Blowdrying Your Own Hair

There’s so much nuance to hair. Textures vary, and there are different types of textures. It’s something that people examine thoroughly before they go out the door because it’s such a prominent feature. Whether it’s coily, curly, kinky, wavy or straight, it needs to be managed and protected. Heat dryers are an accoutrement that has been around for over a hundred years. The first handheld hair dryers made the scene in the 1920s, and the world’s been in love with them ever since.

Hair Dryers Are Synonymous With Salons

When you think hair salon Gold Coast, do you think about big, beautiful rooms lined with chairs and mirrors, with heaps of products on the shelves, hairdryers in various states of cooling and the staff providing stylized haircuts and an awesome ambiance? This is the vibe at Mow Hair at Capri on Via Roma in Surfer’s Paradise, where a talented and inviting team of stylists is waiting to work with you to realise your daily dream of inspired hair. Go see them!

A hair salon Gold Coast is incomplete without an array of hair dryers. A professional hair stylist Gold Coast chooses amongst different types of dryers to cater to the clients’ needs. They have a practiced hand for blow dry Gold Coast and the experience to know how to bring forced air into play while simultaneously using other tools to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

Hair Dryers Are There for You

Besides the dryers that a hair stylist Gold Coast might use, you can find them online or at any Chemist Warehouse. Odds are, there’s one in your home now. You might think that only a skilled stylist can give you a proper blow dry Gold Coast, but if you have a mirror, you can probably do more than you think. There are four kinds of hair dryer technologies: ionic, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic. Figure out what kind is right for your hair. If it’s thick, perhaps an ionic dryer is the one for you. Ceramic dryers produce infrared heat that conserves luster and moisture and can keep your hair from going frizzy.

Hair Dryers Are an Extension of Your Hand

The reason the pros are so talented at blow dry Gold Coast is that they get loads of practice. The more experience you have, the more the dryer will begin to feel like a natural extension of your hand. This will happen when you establish a routine. There are lots of philosophies when it comes to home technique, but there are some basics that you should follow.

Hair Dryers Work Best When You’re in a Routine

Towel dry your hair before applying heat. You want a high per cent of that moisture out before you start to style. Medium heat is good for hustling the towel dry along but use high heat for styling. Cold air will protect your cuticles, help your hair to set and give you shine.

Next, make sure you have the tools by your side. You need to be patient when blow-drying and creating order will help keep you from rushing. After choosing the product that you’ll be using, apply it evenly throughout your hair. A heat protectant will help to seal in moisture, and mousse is dynamic and can add bounce to your curls and add definition. Put on the attachment that you can count on for consistency. A diffuser will spread the air over more area so it’s easier to keep wavy or curly hair patterns while a boar bristle brush can add shine. Picks are excellent for detangling.

Now that you’re ready, start in the front and work your way back, brushing to create your flow. Brushing against the direction of the air will stand the root up and give you body, as will bowing your head and brushing toward the ground.

Brandon Hocothee