Hair extensions are a great way to stay trendy this summer on the Gold Coast, so we’ve compiled a list of quick and easy-to-do hairstyles you can rotate this season.

Simple Summer Styling For Your Hair Extensions –

The warmer weather is fast approaching, and with it, the excitement of looking your summer best. One of the easiest ways to create a bold, statement look is to use hair extensions. These impermanent additions give you enormous flexibility and allow you to create any look you can imagine.

Looking good doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes all it takes is a hair tie and a grip or two to get the perfect look on the Gold Coast. The expert stylists at Mow Hair salon have compiled a list of quick and easy extension-friendly hairstyles. These five ideas are sure-fire ways to stay trendy in the next few months.

Big (or subtle) bangs

Let’s be real, cutting a fringe requires serious commitment. Going the DIY route is pretty risky, so if you want to try out some bangs without actually taking the plunge, pre-cut hair extensions could do the trick. Buy extensions that match your hair colour and texture well and, if they’re not pre-cut, get a professional stylist to cut the fringe. This way you can experiment with thickness and length without worrying about growing your hair out later.

Classic high pony

Different hair types mean we can’t all have a super-long or thick ponytail. If you buy a good quality ponytail extension to match your hair, the perfect high pony becomes an easy option. Slick down your hair with some gel, compose it with a hair tie and secure your matching fringe extension – and you’re good to go.

Colourful extensions

Experimenting with colour can be risky. Nobody wants to see their hair falling out from one too many dye jobs. The best way to try out funky colours is to use hair extensions that match your hair’s natural texture. The right stylist will know how to make it look chic and fun, so don’t be afraid to give this bright look a try.

The removable man bun

The man bun extension has been making waves on the Internet in the past few weeks. A classic case of “church in the front, party at the back”. Man-bun extensions are a hassle-free way to be pool-party cool and work-appropriate at the same time. To avoid a tacky man bun, be certain that the extension matches the colour and texture of your hair, use a smidge of gel for a sleek look and acquaint yourself with your blow dryer. The best part? You never have to endure the emotional trauma of a “big chop” – keep everyone guessing by switching between looks.

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Brandon Hocothee