No more knots!!

No more knots!!

These amazing brushes “wowed” me at Sydney’s “Hair Expo” this year and i immediately needed them in my salon.

My wife has alot of hair but is quite fine in texture and prone to knoting. thanks to high jacket and scarf she was wearing at expo this year she had developed a few knots at the back of her head. These knots proved to be a perfect test for the “tangle teezer”. To our amazement the knot was no challenge for the “tangle teezer” and what would have taken alot of pain and bit of time to brush though with a normal hair brush took a few quick seconds, no yanking and best of all no pain! It glided through the hair with ease!

The rep at the stand then tells us they can be used in wet hair as well as dry. I was convinced at this stage that these brushes are a must for mow hair and i became a stockist on the spot.

They have proved to be really popular with our clients. From little girls that love the cute little flower shapes to adults that can be excited with cool colours and compact sizes perfect for the handbag. Who would have thought brushing hair could have been so much fun! “Tangle teezers are definately a “must have” for any girls bathroom or hand bag!!

Brandon Hocothee