How Treating Yourself To A Hair Colour Transformation Can Boost Your Confidence

How Treating Yourself To A Hair Colour Transformation Can Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt the urge to change up your look drastically? Most of us get bored with our appearance every now and then, and one of the easiest ways to make a noticeable change is to undergo a hair colour transformation. Transforming your hair colour is always a fun treat, but if you’ve had a professional hair colour transformation before, you’ll know that afterwards, you’re just exuding confidence!

The Stats
Did you know that 92% of women have coloured their hair at some point? This statistic was found in a survey done by Wella. This survey also found that 69% of women felt more confident after having dyed their hair, while 72% felt more attractive.

Feel More Youthful
In the same Wella survey, it was found that 42% of women felt more youthful after having their hair dyed. A professional colour expert, can help you pick the right shades to brighten your face and cover up those nasty greys that have started to peek in, making you feel more youthful with each colour transformation. Expert Colourists will know which shades will suit you best. They’ll also be up to date with the latest colour trends so that you can relax at your appointment knowing that your colour transformation will be modern and fresh.

Fix Colour Disasters
Do you have a grown out colour that was done months ago? Or perhaps you tried a DIY hair colour project that just didn’t work out. Having your hair professionally coloured will make a massive difference. You may not even realise how bad your colour job was before until you get a professional hair colour transformation.

Pick The Right Colourist
Talking about professionalism, if you really want a confidence boost, you should be quite picky about the hairdresser you choose for your hair colour transformation. A hair colour transformation is an investment, and you want to choose someone professional with experience. Each day, women and men are putting their trust in colour experts for their hair transformation and ditching the DIY home hair jobs that are likely to damage your hair.

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Brandon Hocothee