Double The Lifespan Of Your Hair Extensions

Double The Lifespan Of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can provide you with your dream length and are an incredible choice for those looking for a thicker, longer look. But have you ever saved up for long, luscious hair extensions just to experience them getting knotty, matted, and impossible to work with within just a few days? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you’d think simply because people don’t know how to look after their extensions properly.

When it comes to hair extensions Surfers Paradise, the team at Mow Hair are experts in the industry. We know all the tips and tricks for getting your extensions to live past their expiration dates through our extensive experience.

Store Them Properly

If you have clip-in extensions, it is essential that you store them properly. They should be hung up so that they don’t tangle, and they should also be covered so that they don’t get dusty. You can speak to your hairdresser about storage options, bags and cases.

Brush Them Often

Extensions need to be kept free of knots, so investing in a good brush is a must if you want your extensions to go the distance. If you have taped in or glued in extensions, ensure that you’re brushing them around at least twice a day.

Have Multiple Sets

By having multiple sets of extension, i.e. a curly/ wavy set and a straight-set, you’ll save yourself time and expand the lifespan of your extensions as you won’t continuously have to apply heat to change their appearance.

Use Recommended Products 

When it comes to styling, heat protection products etc., often you shouldn’t use the same products that you use on your hair, and you should also stay away from using a variety of products on your extensions. This can cause them to become very dry or oily, and you’ll find yourself having to wash them more often, which will reduce their lifespan. 

Only use products that your hairdresser has recommended for your products.

 Are you looking for high-quality hair extensions in Surfers Paradise? Get in touch with the team at Mow Hair today, and we can make all of your hair dreams become a reality.

Brandon Hocothee