The do’s and don’ts of blow-drying your hair

The do’s and don’ts of blow-drying your hair

Own a blow-dryer and use it frequently? Then you should follow our tips to make sure you don’t damage your hair while you’re drying it.

Here’s our definitive list of blow-drying do’s and don’ts.

The do’s and don’ts of blow-drying your hair

Blow-dryers are an amazing invention that make our lives more convenient and comfortable. There’s no need to sit in discomfort after showers (a lifesaver in cold months!) and we’re able to harness the power of heat to create a variety of styles. Knowing how to use your blow dryer’s properly will prevent you from damaging your hair with exposure to uncontrolled heat.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

DO invest in an ionic hairdryer

A good hairdryer is the best beauty investment you’ll ever make. Look for an ionic one, which works

faster, while decreasing frizz and adding shine.

DON’T dry “bare” hair

Never dry your hair in its “bare” state, ie without any protective styling aid or product to guard against heat and traction damage.

DO wait until your hair has cooled before removing a styling tool or brush

Many people find styling their hair with a hair dryer to be ineffective as their hair simply doesn’t hold the style. This is probably because they aren’t holding their brush or curling tool in place for long enough for it to set.

Always wait for your brush or tool to completely cool down before removing it.

DON’T start drying your hair from the back

Most women start drying their hair at the back before moving to the front. This is a bad idea because the front of the hair and the fringe area actually dry faster as they have fewer heavy layers.

Always focus on the hair at the front first so you can tame the most visible part of your hair before it dries in the wrong style and shape.

DO dry all your hair to beat frizz

It’s easy to miss damp patches of hair when blow-drying. If you’re aiming for a sleek, frizz-free look, then ensure you haven’t missed any hard-to-reach damp spots.

DON’T neglect your roots if your hair’s looking a little flat

If you have fine hair that tends to lose volume and bounce quickly, your blow-dryer can be your best friend — helping to add volume. Blow-drying your hair upside down adds all-over volume, while flipping your part before drying (focusing on the roots) can add volume in the front.

Brandon Hocothee