A Hair Treatment that will gaurantee a “WOW”

A Hair Treatment that will gaurantee a “WOW”

Living on the Gold Coast I have seen my fair share of damaged locks due to our amazing beaches and sunshine and lets be honest who doesnt like changing their hair colour….

As a hairdresser i wanted to find something to offer my clients so they could have the hair they wanted without the weather and lifestyle putting a stop to it. I came across the Nano Max N Gravity Treatment that lets you have your beautiful colours, swim through summer, blowdry regularly yet still leave it feeling amazing.

This “in salon’ professional treatment is a natural protein that rebuilds and hydrates the hair leaving it feeling weightless, shiny and luxurious. the results can not be compared to anything acheivable at home. The results need to be seen to be beleivedimagesCAUFIA7V.

The treatment is applied through a really cool electric brush that infuses a vapour into the hair cuticle which repairs and stregthens the hair like no other hair treatment you have had before. If your hair is abused by constant blowdrying, sunshine, swimming or thinking about a colour change but dont hink your hair will be up to it. this could very well be a treatment for you.

Brandon Hocothee